Joverse: Food, drinks, music and pure fun

By Annick Gagnon

When you work for, you’re often asked to give advice on which restaurants to go to for all types of occasions; whether its a 5 à 7 with colleagues, a birthday dinner or simply a great new place to try.

Personally, Joverse often ends up on my go-to list, whatever the occasion or what the person is looking for. Not only is the decor stunning and the concept refined, but the team behind Joverse is friendly, dedicated and attentive to their clients.


Located in an 18th century building, they respected the industrial look and original materials with stone walls, salvaged wood planks and rough metal sheets. The clever play of lighting on the stylish design gives the room a really warm feeling.


You’re probably asking yourself where does the name come from? Well it was created in honour of Joseph Versailles, a leading visionary and entrepreneur in the history of Montreal, who lived in this building in 1928. Versailles is also known as a strong advocate for the place of the French-speaking Montrealers in the financial and business community.

Joverse isn’t only a restaurant, but also a bar where you can party with your friends until the wee hours of the morning. In the basement, there’s also the “Red Room“, an intimate and underground club that books the city’s best DJs and many famous names for special events.


This was certainly not my first visit to Joverse, but I had never tried the Golden Shaker nights yet, hosted by Nectar and Mixology. Every Wednesday, guest bartenders engage in a mixology competition and create unique cocktails for you. So I had the pleasure of trying Phil Tatham’s delicious recipes, the house’s star bartender and mixologist.


My favorite was the Black Pearl Punch, made with Rum Kraken, barley water cordial, lime juice and Angostura. A true delicacy!


Needless to say that the cocktail, wine, beer and alcohol menu is elaborate and will certainly please both connoisseurs and amateurs.


As for the food menu, dishes are offered in entree sizes, ideal for ordering and sharing as a group. If you’re a fan of oysters, I recommend you try them because they’re always fresh and reasonably priced. The chef buys them at Old Port Fishing Company.


Something I really appreciate here is that you often find new dishes on the menu, depending on the chef’s inspiration and the ingredients available on the market. In addition, there’s a daily menu on the restaurant’s wall mirror, so the possibilities are numerous.

I have trouble naming only a few favorites, but I would say my “coups de coeur” were the crab cakes, the beef sliders (mini burgers) and the five-spices Peking duck tacos. The chef loves to use unusual ingredients, like Meyer lemon, a cross between a lemon and an orange with a thinner skin and a less acidic taste, or amaranth, a fragrant herb that brings a unique flavour to salads.



I should also mention other tasty dishes like the duck wontons and mild chili sauce, karate chicken (popcorn style) served with a spicy mayonnaise and the lamb’s lettuce, three color tomatoes and carrots salad.

Writing these last words makes my mouth water and already can’t wait to go back…maybe next time we’ll see each other? On top of all this, they just finished redecorating the place and the result is breathtaking!

Bon appétit!

52, rue St-Jacques
Montréal, QC, H2Y 1L2

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