Les Incorruptibles – The good old days

By Annick Gagnon

A long awaited breath of fresh air is blowing in Ahuntsic district. A new restaurant and cocktail bar finally opened its doors for a clientele in search of quality and originality.

The trend for small neighborhood restaurants that work under a specific theme or style is being distinguished from larger spaces. Les Incorruptibles opened on Fleury Street this spring and already, its presence is getting noticed. The decor from the 1950s and a framed artwork representing a man that looks like the owner’s father watches over the bar: a picture worth a thousand words as this is where the whole story began.


The owner, Éric Jolander, fell in love with this painting from Léo Ayotte, which also strangely resembles Éliot Ness, a prominent figure of the mob and prohibition era. Éric bought the painting and today, it is proudly displayed above the bar. The rest of the design came naturally: vintage furniture reminiscent of the Mad Men series, a cocktail list full of history and homemade comfort food.

These famous cocktails are important elements in the restaurant’s atmosphere: each was developed by the team with the participation of Murphee, the official barman and mixologist.


With an affordable price of $8.70 a glass, you can enjoy no less than twelve different recipes, including Playboy, Parc Belmont or Dr. No. To give you an idea, my personal favorite was the Lady Fleury, made with V.S.O.P. St-Rémy Brandy, Chambord raspberry liquor, egg white, cranberry and lemon juice and rose water, served in a champagne glass. A delicious treat I enjoyed sitting on their front terrace on this hot July evening.


The food menu is a sharing formula. The portions are a little larger than regular tapas. Ask your waiter to help you decide how many dishes to order because depending on which ones you pick, the number could vary. In our case, we chose four dishes and one desert for two persons and it was quite enough.

We started with the zucchini flowers from Birri. The flowers were full bloom with long crunchy stems. They were stuffed with caciocavallo, a creamy type of cheese and served with a marinara sauce and lemon aioli. The second dish was a refreshing red beet salad with green apples and sheep ricotta. The combination of flavors and textures was exquisite.

Then we got the salmon, avocado and grapefruit tartar. A light and delicate meal that was perfect for the summer weather. We concluded with a mini duck burger with foie gras and figs. The burger, which was not so «mini» after all, came with a generous serving of homemade French fries. Despite how hot it was for this kind of dish, we ate the whole thing in a flash.


To satisfy our sweet tooth before leaving, we tried the ginger and rhubarb desert with mascarpone cheese and strawberry granita…yummy!

Since you will drink, eat and be treated like kings and queens, the menu also gives you the opportunity to buy the kitchen staff a drink. Not only will they tell you what they like, but you will also pay staff price. A nice attention that gives you the chance to thank the ones that prepared your meal.

Bon appétit!

Les Incorruptibles
1432, rue Fleury Est, Montréal

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